Wild About Roofs

Wild About Roofs is specialist in high performance roofing solutions providing green infrastructures in both rural and urban areas. The company provides a full service including waterproofing, green roofing and fall arrest. In addition to these we offer other services including our exclusive GrowWild range, consisting of herb and lavender roofs.

From modern day green roofs (sedum, wild flower and gardens) to the next generation of green roofing (lavender, herbs and allotments), Wild About Roofs aims to bring the next generation of roofing and nature into the city.

Wild About Roofs sets itself aside by being a one stop contractor for all roofing requirements from waterproofing to the finished product and beyond. Wild About Roofs uses an approved supply chain to offer high quality products at competitive prices and our trained team works alongside approved specialist contractors to provide a high standard roof installation.